Halloween weekend

London is very different than America, and one of the reasons has to be the fact that British people do not celebrate Halloween the way Americans celebrate it. While yes, many people are festive and dress up, they all wear the same costumes. In America, I barely see any of the same costumes (except in college, where … More Halloween weekend

Milan, Italy!

After Rome, I decided to visit a close friend who happened to be studying abroad in Milan, which is just a three hour train ride from Rome. The last part of my break didn’t start out so well. I had to take a train to a different train station to transfer, and then from there I had … More Milan, Italy!

Rome, Italy!

Wow, what a dream to visit this ancient city during my 10 day break. If I’m honest, the city itself wasn’t the best, but being able to visit all the historical locations in the city was an amazing opportunity. I still can’t believe I got to visit these sites for a couple of days and enjoy the sunshine … More Rome, Italy!

Dead Week

It’s my first ever dead week! UC Merced doesn’t have a dead week before finals, but so far it is nice to be able to just focus on final papers without having to attend class and tutorials (that means discussions/labs for those of you in the U.S.). Just like at UC Merced, not every class has … More Dead Week

10 Days in Europe!

The program I’m in comes with a 10 day fall break! So naturally, two weeks after I arrived in London I began planning what I was going to do during this break. I wanted to get the best deals before flight prices went up. But now the day is almost here…tomorrow I leave to explore more of … More 10 Days in Europe!