First Culture Shock

Guess who’s back?

It’s me! 🙂

Yes, I am back from spring break and nice and rejuvenated and ready for finals!

With the money I saved on housing, I was able to travel to Indonesia during my spring break,  and since it’s not too far from Australia tickets weren’t too expensive. It was here that I experience my first-ever culture shock.

Sure, Australia is different in comparison to the US, but still there was nothing too drastically different that caused me to experience culture shock here. (Although driving in a car for the first time and seeing everything flipped was pretty mind blowing!)

Upon arriving in Indonesia, everything was so different.

The weather was humid and in the high 90s (F)! Not at all like the cloudy 50 degree Melbourne weather I was in just 6 hours prior.

Kuta Beach. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Experiencing an entirely new place is a little scary to be honest, but it is really enlightening.

Traveling is the best way to gain a new perspective on life. You meet so many people along your journey and they all influence you in some way, and the people I met in that short week definitely helped learn and understand their culture and ways of living. It was a really cool feeling.

Australia was the first place I ever traveled to that was outside of my small town of Merced, California.  Indonesia was the second, thanks to study abroad, and I cant wait to find out where I’ll travel to next.

Rice Plantation. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia



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