Go Dogs!

This weekend was the Australian equivalent to the Super Bowl — The AFL Grand Final. And guess where it was hosted? That’s right, Melbourne!

AFL stand for the Australian Football League, but this isn’t American football, its Australian football, better known to locals as footy.

At first, I thought it was just rugby, but locals let it be known that footy and rugby are not the same things. I spent the entire game trying to understand it.

The game that looks to be hybrid of rugby and soccer with a rounder version of a football, was played between the biggest rivalry, the Sydney Swans and the Melbourne Bulldogs.

I, of course, rooted for the Bulldogs, and with a final score of 67-89, the Bulldogs took the win!

It was such an awesome event to be a part of! I felt like a Melbournian!

Though still after the entire game I do not understand footy, if anyones asks, Melbourne Bulldogs are my team 🙂




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