London Pubs!

While at first I wasn’t sure if writing about pubs was appropriate or not, I asked one of my professors what he thought. He replied: “To not tell Americans about the amazing beer and pubs we have here, is like forgetting to tell them about what makes London so unique.”

So, without further ado…London pubs, everyone!

Indeed my professor was right. Drinking here isn’t look at the same way it is looked at in the States. Here in London, drinking and going out to pubs is a social thing. People drink beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll see business men and women in a pub during their lunch break and back again after work.

From my experience, pubs have allowed me not to only socialize with friends while drinking a local beer or foreign beer, but interacting with locals also. Pubs are generally found on every corner of London,  and I personally love it. Some of the best food that London has to offer can often be found at a pub!


I especially love going to pubs after most people are getting off of work. I love watching as locals enjoy a cold beer after being at work all day, and I love seeing them interact with their coworkers. The pub is really where people’s walls come down and they can just get to know each other on a personal level outside of their work environment.

While I still have a little over two months in London, I already know that the pub culture is definitely something I will miss about being in the U.K.

Cheers my friends!

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