Cardiff, Wales!

This weekend I traveled to Cardiff to scratch off Wales from the list of 4 United Kingdom nations. Traveling alone has been such an amazing experience, you can do everything how you want.

Cardiff is the fastest growing city of the United Kingdom, with a castle right at the city center. Though not as beautiful as Edinburgh and a bit slower than London, Cardiff is a city well known for its delicious Welsh cakes and the Red Dragons rugby national team. Oh, and also sheep!


I took a tour of the Cardiff castle and was amazed by the size and structure. The castle is surrounded by a tall wall with another little castle inside these walls. This castle was used in many wars and was strategically built for defense.


The city of Cardiff also offers a great opportunities for shopping. It has a mall that reminds me of the massive malls in the California bay area. However, didn’t spend much time in there as the crowds were also huge.

Overall, the city of Cardiff had a lot to offer and it is nice to spend a weekend away from the city. Also, it is very affordable to visit. Those who study abroad in Europe, it’s definitely worth putting Cardiff on your United Kingdom destinations list.


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