Get with the times!

While on my way to catch a train out of the city, my tram was delayed.

A few minutes later I saw there was a rally going on in the middle of Melbourne, at the State Victoria Library. Walking into the crowd to further investigate, I found that it was actually a rally for marriage equality.

While listening to the speakers up on the stage I learned that opinion polls in Australia for the last nine years have shown  that a majority of its population are in favor of equal marriage rights. There are finally two bills ready to go into the house to be voted on. However, the people of Australia are asking for a parliamentary free vote.

Seeing the marriage rights rally kind of took me back for a second. The United States has had marriage equality since June of 2015. It just really put into perspective how many people are still fighting for equal rights all over the world.

Being from a small town in California, I’ve never really seen or been a part of a rally, but I do believe in equality for all people. And after witnessing all the support at the rally that the LGBT community in Melbourne alone, makes me believe Australia will get with the times and take a step forward in equality for all.



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