England to Melbourne!

Melbourne is a hub for all things artsy! All year around there are exhibits, demonstrations, and weeks dedicated to art shows. I’ve mentioned before just how amazing Melbournes’ street art is, and because Melbourne is appreciative of all forms of art, this month it welcomed an exhibit from “across the pond.”

The art of Banksy is an art exhibit that just opened up here in Melbourne. If you did not know, and I’ll be shocked if you don’t, Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist who uses his art for political activism. Although no one really  knows who he is, people definitely know his art.

There were some of his more well-known artworks, along with some new ones. I had never really been to an art exhibit before, so going to one as peculiar as Banksy’s sets the bar pretty high for the ones to come.

Overall it was really cool to see pieces of London all the way in Melbourne. I can’t wait to go to more art galleries and exhibits, it was an awesome experience that I would not have had if it were not for studying abroad!





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