Midterm Break in Ireland!

Hello again!

So in the U.K. we get a midterm break for a whole week, which is exciting because it is the perfect opportunity to travel! It also means that student housing in London gets quite lonely since everybody is out and about. So I’m going to get out of London and see some cool stuff, too!

I planned a trip to the remaining region of the United Kingdom that I have not been to yet: Ireland!

I arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland this afternoon and explored the city center. It is such a  beautiful city and I haven’t even seen much of it yet.

Additionally, Game of Thrones happened to be filmed in Belfast and since I just started watching the show this fall, I decided to check out the filming sites!  I am really exited to see them in person.


There is so much to do and having an entire week long break is such a great opportunity to get out and explore!

Overall this break is going to be full of adventures and some amazing pictures which of course I will include on my next post, so stay tuned!


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