Rome, Italy!

Wow, what a dream to visit this ancient city during my 10 day break.

If I’m honest, the city itself wasn’t the best, but being able to visit all the historical locations in the city was an amazing opportunity. I still can’t believe I got to visit these sites for a couple of days and enjoy the sunshine and rain in Rome!

My accommodations were a bit far from everything and since the city is so old, and their transportation is not the best I either had to walk miles or take a taxi everywhere. But it was worth it!

Being able to visit the Colosseum, the Roman forum, the Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, the Spanish steps, and many more locations was a dream come true! I always saw these locations in movies and documentaries, so it was hard to believe I was really there when I was visiting. I was in complete awe.


The food in Rome was delicious! I had pasta, pizza, or gelato at almost every place I ate.. Wow, as I’m typing this my mouth is watering since I miss gelato so much! Everything is reasonably cheap, so my pockets were only slightly hurt 🙂



Like I said, I never expected to visit this ancient city. I feel so fortunate! It really made me feel lucky that I was chosen to study abroad. I hope that anyone who wants to study abroad gets the same opportunity!



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