Milan, Italy!

After Rome, I decided to visit a close friend who happened to be studying abroad in Milan, which is just a three hour train ride from Rome.

The last part of my break didn’t start out so well. I had to take a train to a different train station to transfer, and then from there I had to catch another train to get to Milan. My friends train was late and did not show up, and I ended up missing my train to Milan. After battling the language barrier, they believed me and allowed me to get on the next train to Milan.

After I arrived to Milan, I went to my Airbnb and freshened up and went to go meet my friend.

I only planned this trip to Milan so I could see my close friend, and it was definitely worth it. Milan doesn’t have many historical sites or stuff to do like other European cities, so I had more than enough time. We saw the Duomo, which is a famous and beautiful cathedral there. I also did some shopping, visited the different canals around the city, and just stayed in and relaxed like old times.

Luckily my friend will be visiting me in London in two weeks, so I’ll get the chance to show her around my city.

Now that I am back in London, I am exhausted but feel so blessed and grateful to have had the chance to travel to all these cities, meet new people, try new foods, and explore all that Europe has to offer. Now to get back to the “studying” part of being abroad. 🙂

Cheers my friends!


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