Halloween weekend


London is very different than America, and one of the reasons has to be the fact that British people do not celebrate Halloween the way Americans celebrate it.

While yes, many people are festive and dress up, they all wear the same costumes. In America, I barely see any of the same costumes (except in college, where it’s all cats or vampires), but that’s something everyone is here. If anyone put some blood around their face it would be considered a good costume. None of the businesses or houses around me are decorated at all, which made me feel a little home sick since in my hometown as well as in Merced, people were festive and decorated their homes for Halloween as well.

I will say I was impress by the roller skating parade they had Saturday evening. It captured my attention while I walked down Oxford Street and I was happy with it. I spent this weekend doing a lot of walking , checking out museums, and enjoying London.


While Halloween is actually today, I won’t see how festive people are going to get until later. I have plans to check out some cool events that are happening around the city. I even plan on dressing up as the infamous Pablo Escobar.

I hope everyone in the States enjoys Halloween!



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