Melbourne Cup!

There’s not much of a celebration for Halloween on October 31st here in Australia,  but that is probably because it is the eve of one of the biggest events in Australia, the Melbourne Cup!

It’s known as the country’s biggest day in racing and it acctually takes place in Melbourne!

Its a big horse race that starts in the morning, people dress in spring formal clothing, suits and dresses and women with big fancy hats!


Before the race there was a big party at the park with rides, food and picnic blankets. Of course people bet on the horses of their choice and if they win they get the money… other than that, I’m not exactly sure how the betting stuff works.


When it was time for the race,  it was a whole three minutes and twenty seconds of yelling and cheering. The win for the 3200 meter race was a horse named Almandin.

I honestly had no idea they still did horse races like they do here in Melbourne, so it was a cool thing see while abroad. I wouldn’t mind getting all dressup and attending one in the States!



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