The Final Stretch

I cannot believe how fast my time here in London is going by. Today is November 2nd which means I have exactly one month and 16 days to fully enjoy not just London but more European cities.

The reason I did not start traveling until October was to give myself time to fully know London and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Now that I’ve traveled to Germany, Spain, and Italy, I feel like I have not gotten enough of London and other European cities. I luckily came up with a plan to help me take advantage of the rest of my time here.


Just like this past Halloween weekend, I stayed in London and for the next two weekends I will be staying here. I plan to visit Abbey Road, Pace Gallery, Kings Cross Station (you know, from Harry Potter!) and many more things I’ve yet to do. After that, I have some trips planned before I leave. One weekend I will be traveling to both Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland. After that I will be going to Manchester and then my last and final trip will be to Paris, France.

I will admit though, I am very sad that I won’t get to enjoy one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, with my family. But luckily that day I’ll be seeing Dj Snake and that same weekend I am going to see my favorite rapper, Chance the Rapper.

Last year a few of my friends did the same study abroad program I am currently in and they told me how much they wish they would have enjoyed London more than they did. I am grateful to be able to learn from their experience and in my next 4 weekends that I’ll have in London, I will do everything I can to really enjoy my remaining time here and soak in the cities I”ll be visiting.

I still remember my first blog post and it’s crazy to think that I am now on my last few. Don’t miss me too much my American friends, I’ll be back very soon!


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