For the past week I’ve lived in the library, and when I was not in the library I was in my room writing essays and studying for my final exams.

Being a fourth-year in college, exams are nothing new to me, but there is something about an exam or essay accounting for 60-80% of your grade that can make you a little nervous. Okay, a lot nervous.

And if you thought that was bad like me, wait till you hear about the exam halls.

They are not in the familiar classrooms that I’ve been sitting in for 12 weeks. In fact, they’re not even on the same campus! So far my exams have been held in the “Royal Exhibition Hall” (see below):

This giant hall has the highest ceilings, with fancy architecture and even angel painting on the high halls of it, along with 4,000 + students taking their exam in long, perfect rows. Talk about intimidating! I was definitely missing UC Merced at that moment!

The exam began and they announced it on a loud speaker,

“You may begin your exam”.

I’ve never heard 4,000 pages flip all at the same time, until that day. It was a lot to take in and I could see that it was overwhelming for other students as well. My exam was timed, but I honestly took 5 minutes just to slow down a bit and center myself.

So, study abroad tip: If you find yourself in an exam room with 4000+ students rushing to finish a timed exam, it is totally okay to Stop. Breathe. Look at the exam and then just go for it. I even finished with time to spare 🙂

Wish me luck because I have to do it again this Wednesday!



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