The U.S. Election & Living in Europe

After months and months of campaigning, tomorrow is finally election day back in the States and I couldn’t be more worried. I’m not going to share my political views, but I will share the feedback I’ve received from many Europeans and Londoners.

According to people, I have an American accent which I’ve never heard of, but when they hear me speak and ask me where I’m from. That usually leads to getting asked “How did you guys let Donald Trump make it this far?” I usually just laugh and say, “I’m not quite sure, but why don’t you guys like him?”

In London, many say he reminds them of the conservatives that voted to leave the European Union. London was one of the cities that voted to stay. This city is made up of many different cultures and races. You can say it’s a melting pot for many Europeans and other races just like the United States – well, at least California.

The people I’ve talked to see Trump as a terrorist and a racist. While I was in Berlin, I was surprised by what this lady told me: “Learn from our mistakes, my ancestors already had someone like Trump, so don’t do it.” Many Germans are ashamed of what happened there and do not like to talk about, but she straight up told me that and it shocked me.

In other cities, they simply laugh and say “America, why?!”  And I wish I knew how to answer.


Two weeks ago I sent in my absentee ballot from London. If I can be 6,000 miles away from home and still vote, I sure hope all of you will go out and vote tomorrow, too!

Cheers from London and happy election day (almost…)!

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