Australian Studies

As my semester is wrapping up and I will be heading back to the States soon, I think it’s fitting to talk about the main reason I’m studying abroad in Australia. More specifically why I am in Melbourne, at the number one uni in Australia (fact, I promise), University of Melbourne.

From orientation day to finals:

Orientation day was intimidating. In a way,they expected you to figure it out all on your own, or I was just that confused! They handed me a sheet of paper and then, good luck! I could tell from that experience that this is a very independent campus. And to no surprise, that’s how a lot of things were this semester.

Classes were very independent with recorded online lectures, it was rare to see a crowded lecture hall. But on the bright side, I always got a perfect seat straight dab in the middle of the lecture hall 🙂

The work load was weekly readings, but somehow the  essays managed to be due around the same time! So a quick study abroad tip: always check when your assignments are due AHEAD OF TIME and plan accordingly!

Australian uni finals are definitely something I’m not used to! Check out my latest blog post and find out why!  The final exam period is very prolonged, I might add. Two weeks of finals! If you’re unlucky like me you have finals on the very last day! But of course the silver lining is that it gives you more time to study!

Studying abroad has been such an amazing experience,  it has taught me so much both inside and outside of the classroom! I know that Australia was the perfect fit for me.

I recommend that if you’re truly interested in studying abroad, do a little extra research on the universities you are interested in to find your perfect fit, not just a location/country that you’re interested in… because I’m sure you would have a blast anywhere when studying abroad. 🙂

Time to keep pushing on with finals!





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