Friends Abroad!

I came to London with a high expectation to meet individuals from the other UC’s, since the program is only for UC students. Boy oh boy, have those expectations been met.

When I first got here, I wasn’t really hanging out with my flatmates or the other people in my program. I pretty much stuck to the people that I knew from Merced. As time went on, that began to change and I am beyond happy about it. In just around 2.5 months, I have started to get closer to the individuals I have met  here, and I believe these friendships will last way past our time in London.

My flatmates are all really cool and we’ve shared some funny stories together. From all of us over-sleeping and being late to class (oops), to going out and having a good time together. This also is true of my friends that I have met inside the program and the fact that I’ve met people from all the UC campuses really excites me. Everyone is so laid back and everyone adds something unique to my life through their friendship.

Another thing I love is that we’ve experienced 4 months of being 6,000 miles away from home and we’ve grown into one huge family. I know it will be hard to say goodbye, but I hope we can all remain friends and keep in touch to reminisce about all of our experiences studying abroad.



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