U.S. Election – My Reaction

Wow, I can honestly say I am speechless. While I try to remain unbiased in my blog post, I can’t help but feel scared and sad for my country.

Not just the fact that Donald Trump is our newly elected president, but the fact that we are a joke to the rest of the world. I cannot believe how many times British people have made comments to me about America and the decision we made Tuesday evening. I stayed up until 7:30 a.m. to watch the full election. I went to sleep devastated, and woke up devastated. Every newspaper I’ve seen since Wednesday has had something about the U.S. election, and while I try to remain hopeful for our country, it is a scary thought.

It’s scary to think about how many families could be broken up in the upcoming months, leaving kids with no parents, siblings, and other family members. The LGBTQ community is scared that they will lose their rights that were only just recently (relatively) granted to them. My Muslim friends are fearing for their lives and preparing to be on the receiving end of hate crimes, which no one should ever have to experience. I am worried about where we, as a country, will end up in 4 years.

In one of my current classes, “Britain and the EU”, my professor told us something that really scared me a few weeks ago and it keeps replaying in my mind. My professor said, “If Trump wins, not only will everyone laugh at America but a lot of your close ties will be cut loose since many, many people are not a fan of him.”

I just hope we can come together, work to fix whatever problems our country may have, and move on. I will enjoy being in London for another month and hope that when I go back, the only change will be uniting and making OUR home better.


Cheers my Americans!


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