Here come the “Goodbyes”!

Things are busy around my house as my housemates are beginning to clean up their rooms in preparation for their move out day. Although we’ve only known each other for 5 months, we have definitely gotten close while living with each other.

I’m glad I found housing on my own (not university housing); I was introduced to amazing people from all over the world (and saved some money too)!

I will miss our study sessions, our buzzing kitchen during dinner time, recipe sharing, and overall just seeing my housemates every day.

Our townhouse definitely felt like a home away from home because of them.

As for my fellow UCEAP friends I have met abroad, the first one in our gang leaves tomorrow. All of us already have plans to take a road trip from Irvine all the way to Berkeley to meet up again! (Picking me up in Merced along the way) 😛

Experiencing such a new and unknown place together definitely has created friendships that I know will last past our time spent together abroad.

One thing I’m definitely sure of is we are not ready for the goodbyes, even though they are really just see you later ‘s

Although it’s going to be sad, I’m pretty sure we are all ready for the things that await us back home in California: Family, In-n-Out, TACOS!

But gotta get through the goodbyes first!




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