London- A Reflection


My time in London is coming to an end soon (not really, I still have a month), but I am already starting to reflect on my time here. I wish I would’ve done some things differently, but there are things I will never regret.

What I regret…

  1. I definitely regret eating out so much… While I personally feel like food is not that expensive here, it adds up when you eat out four to five times a week. Sometimes you do not even try, it just happens.
  2. I also regret not adjusting to the time. I still have troubles with my sleeping problems and I am afraid that once I get back to California, my sleeping schedule will still be messed up!
  3. One final thing is while I do all the work assigned, I do wish I would have started my work sooner and made sure I did all my readings.

What I DON’T regret…

  1. Eating. I know, you’re probably thinking “but Christian, you just said you regretted eating out.” That’s true, but I do love that I got to try all the different restaurants and cultural foods that this city has to offer.
  2. I also do not regret all of the exploring I did in London. From walking late at night by myself, to going out to pubs and clubs whenever I got a chance. I for sure do not regret studying abroad in London.

While some people say studying abroad in London is not much of an experience, it was my perfect experience. This city can be perfect for anybody and everybody, it offers so much.


Gah, I know once I get back I will have such a hard time adjusting back to my college routine. I miss everyone at home but will miss this city and everyone in it!


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