I’m Taking Summer Back!

The only negative I can think of to studying abroad is that I had to leave in the middle of summer! 😦

Australia is in the Southern hemisphere and the U.S. in the Northern hemisphere, so while we would be starting our fall semester, they are actually on their spring semester. I joined them in the midst of Australias’ winter months and I am now finally getting a taste of their Australian spring; which feels a whole lot like summer!

Therefore, with the money I have been saving up from housing and working over the summer,  I decided to take my summer back.

My time at Melbourne Uni has just ended and it’s summer vacation here, so I feel like it’s only right to see as much of Australia as I can before I head back to finish my final semester at UC Merced.

My Australian summer will be a short one – just 20 days –  that will be spent traveling up the East coast of Australia.

While some say that this isn’t enough time to see all that Australia has to offer, I am still very grateful that I have the opportunity to do so.

I’ll bring ya back a keychain 😛





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