My Luck in Housing and Roommates

Hello again,

Todays’ post is something that I don’t really talk about often. I’ve realized that throughout college, I have always had amazing roommates and housing.

So my first year at UC Merced, I missed the housing deposit deadline due to accepting my offer to attend UC Merced late. Therefore, I had to find off-campus housing. After doing some searching, I quickly found out that Merced has some of the cheapest housing costs and the houses are great. Fortunately, I was able to find a house with a pool and a hot tub shared among other UC Merced students. To say the least, this house was amazing. But what was even more amazing was the friends I made while living here. The 4 guys I lived with became some of my closest friends, which is never a guarantee when the housing is random. After that I moved a couple more times throughout my time at UC Merced and every time I moved I was blessed with a great home and amazing friends.

Throwback to my first year housemates: Connor, Kevin, Cameron, me and Alex

Now thinking of present day, when I was given my options in housing for London, I had to pick between a double and a triple bedroom. Now keep in mind that in those past experiences I mostly always had a room to myself. So with a bit of insecurity and to save money I picked the triple. However, when move in day came around and I met my roommates, it turned out that all these guys were really cool. Soon we started to become a family and just really enjoyed spending time together. Also, the location was amazing with only a 5 min walk to our study center and in central London. We learned from our program that the flats (same thing as apartment) we live in can cost up to two million pounds due to the location. So, I guess you can say that we are very fortunate to be provided amazing housing.

I am lucky to always get the best roommates.

My current amazing flatmates:  Jesus, Percival, Faust, Alex, Abel, me, Charlie and Jose





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