What I’ll Miss in Melbourne

As my time in Melbourne is winding down, it’s hard not to look back and think about the memories and all the things I’ll have to soon leave behind. So, here is a list of some of the things I will definitely miss when the day I must leave Melbourne comes. 😦

  1. The coffee

    I was an avid coffee drinker before I came to Melbourne, but I couldn’t really say I enjoyed  coffee. I kind of just drank it for the pick-me-up! That all changed when I had my first cappuccino in Melbourne. I’m telling you, they take their coffee super seriously. I’m also going to definitely miss the cozy coffeeshops and perfect latte art.

  2. Sunny Melbourne weather.

    It’s a known fact that summers in Merced are H-O-T. But the temperature in Melbourne has never been higher than 80 degrees while I have been here. In fact, while I’ve been here it has seemed that there have been more rainy days than sunny ones; but when sunny days happen, they are absolutely perfect.  I also love the fact that people take complete advantage of sunny days by having picnics and sitting outside to read. I will miss the perfect days of sun Melbourne has.

  3. Mimi– our house cat

    While none of my housemates are too sure how long she has been living there, she definitely makes our home feel more like a home. I don’t recommend going out and adopting a pet while you’re abroad, but if you happen to find accommodation for yourself that has a pet, I think it’s definitely a plus! However, be warned!  Goodbyes are hard, and saying goodbye to a furry friend is just as hard, or harder!

  4. TimTams & Milo

    My love for TimTams and Milo will soon have to come to an end as they don’t sell these two in the States and it’s bumming me out more than a cookie should! I will miss having a TimTam Slam during my late night studies.

  5. Living in a big city

    Being born and raised in a small town and attending college in a small town, the transition to living in a busy city like Melbourne was such a huge change. But it was such an amazing experience. I will totally miss living  in the “Most Livable City in the World”.


Cheers ,



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