Well as most of you should know, Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America and I sadly will not be able to celebrate it with my family!

I’m trying to not think about it much, but the thought of not being in California with my nephew on his first Thanksgiving keeps replaying in my head. This is my first time I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, so I’m a bit home sick this week. I’m sad that I’m going to miss eating ham, mashed potatoes, Hawaiian bread, or veggies this weekend.

I’m also upset because I was suppose to take a bus up to Manchester this weekend and see my favorite rapper, Chance the Rapper, but this morning I woke up to an email saying he had canceled all of his remaining European tours…I am crushed and it’s too late to plan something else for this weekend, so I might just stay home. All of my friends here are either going to Prague or Paris. As much as I want to be spontaneous and go to Prague, I have to think about the damage my wallet will suffer…

Anyways, just a few more weeks until I will be back home (sadly). I hope all you guys reading this will enjoy Thanksgiving!


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