Looking Forward to Coming Home

Following my what I’m going to miss about Melbourne post, there are of course things I am looking forward to when I come home!

1. Seeing my family and friends. 

Of course this one is a given. I’m very excited to see them all for the first time in 5 months; in person and not on a FaceTime screen or snapchat!

2. Eating authentic Mexican food

Melbourne has food from pretty much everywhere. But their Mexican food doesn’t come close to the food back home. As soon as get to California, I’m eating tacos! Sorry In-N-Out, tacos come first!

3. Sleeping in my own bed. 

I am already looking forward to sleeping on my own bed again with all my fuzzy blankets and pillows. Having only one blanket and pillow while abroad was tough for me especially with cold nights! However, with all the pillows blankets back home, and some possible jet lag, I know I’m going to sleep like a baby. 🙂

4. Seeing Christmas in the correct season

The flipped seasons means during Christmas time in Australia there would be no hot cocoa, instead fruity punch, no trips to the snow, instead trips to the beach! I’m looking forward to a classic chilly Christmas after the Australian heat.

5. Going back to school to finish my last undergrad semester

I have mixed emotions about my final semester at UC Merced. I’m excited for what’s to come, but sad about what I’ll have to soon say goodbye to. But I’m keeping in mind that this is also the busiest and most eventful semester, so I’m excited to finish my undergrad on a good note 🙂



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