Closing of a chapter

Well, the holidays are here and I have a little over two weeks left in this beautiful city that has been my home for the past 4 months.

I would have never thought, in my 20 years of life, that I would not only live in a European country, but get to travel all over Europe. I am so humbled and grateful to have had this opportunity. Accent, thank you for hosting me and providing us with the best housing a student can ask and the best professors.


I don’t want to leave because life here is great. But the good always has to come to an end. I don’t care about how much money I spent because this was a life changing experience. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that is ever questioning studying abroad. My life has changed for the better and this experience has truly changed me as a person and opened my mind to the rest of the world with cultures, religions, and everything else that comes.


To my family and friends, I’ll see you in about 3 weeks. London, I’ll see you sooner than you expect.

To the readers, thanks for coming along on this journey with me!

Cheers, to this amazing life changing  oppurtunity that will live with me forever.


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