Quirinal Palace

Palazzo: Palace


One of the greatest perks of studying abroad is being able to visit the amazing buildings in Rome. This building, or should I say palace, was especially amazing because it is where the president of the Italian Republic resides!

In fact, the past 12 presidents have lived inย the beautiful Quirinal Palace, which sits on top of Quirinal Hill (hence the name). Fun fact: Italy has only been a unified Republic since 1948! This is very young compared to the age of Roman civilization itself.

Our class was invited to take an official tour of the gigantic palace to see all of the artwork that is stored inside. Many important figures have passed through these halls, including the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. We toured variousย rooms that important officials hold meetings in, and got to see the rooms where U.S. President Barack Obama met with the past president of the Italian Republic!

Quirinal Palace is the ninth-largest palace in the world. Twenty White Houses could fit inside!
The honorary desk of the president of the Italian Republic. President Barack Obama visited here, too!



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