5 Little Things I Miss While Abroad

Mancare: To miss

  1. Driving

    • In Rome, I walk miles and miles a day around the city! Don’t get me wrong, I love walking and exploring the city. However, I miss being able to get in my car and have a nice, relaxing drive wherever I want.
  2. Laundry dryers

    • People in Italy do not own or use laundry dryers. My apartment is equipped with a little washing machine, but we have to air dry everything! It is very quaint and fun, but I miss soft clothes out of the dryer.

      An example of the cute little washing machines used in Rome
  3. Asian food

    • Italians are very proud of their food. Understandable so – they have amazing pastas and pizzas I would never be able to get back in America. However, I miss being able to get one of my favorite types of food – Asian food!
  4. Free water

    • Italian restaurants do not provide free water at restaurants or bars. I definitely miss California and free water everywhere.
  5. Microwaves

    • Just like laundry dryers, Italians do not use microwaves often. The ability to reheat food in my apartment has definitely been a struggle.
  6. Accessible bathrooms

    • Most museums and restaurants let you use their restroom if you buy something or a ticket. However, finding a free public bathroom in the city can be difficult.

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