Buda-ful Budapest!

Bellissimo: Beautiful


As my last month abroad approaches, I decided to take one last big trip to another country: HUNGARY!

My friends and I hopped on a plane and made our way to the beautiful city of Budapest. I really did not have any expectations for this trip, because it was made kind of last-minute.

The most impressive aspects of Budapest were definitely the friendly people and lively nightlife. We got to experience RUIN BARS! These are bars that are actually situated inside of ruins! Each bar has multiple rooms, all decorated differently. These rooms sell all types of food, as well as drinks. There are bizarre doodles and lights on the walls. Each room is a unique experience.

I cannot believe that this was my last “out of the country” trip before heading back to the states in one month. Time flies by so quickly!

Hungarian street food: Langos!

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