Reaction to Election

Hello again, So as you guys know a few days ago¬†was the end of the U.S. election. Words cannot explain how I feel, I didn’t even feel comfortable enough writing anything about it on any social media. I was so shocked about the results. Though, I recognize that most of the things that Donald Trump … More Reaction to Election

The Final Stretch

I cannot believe how fast my time here in London is going by. Today is November 2nd which means I have exactly one month and 16 days to fully enjoy not just London but more European cities. The reason I did not start traveling until October was to give myself time to fully know London … More The Final Stretch

First Culture Shock

Guess who’s back? It’s me! ūüôā Yes, I am back from spring break and nice and rejuvenated and ready for finals! With the money I saved on housing, I was able to travel to Indonesia¬†during my spring break, ¬†and since it’s not too far from Australia tickets weren’t too expensive. It was here that I … More First Culture Shock