So Sweet!

If I have learned anything while being in Melbourne, it’s that Australia doesn’t do basic desserts! And luckily for me, I love  dessert!  From milkshakes, pastries, cakes, ice cream and donuts, you can be sure that when you ask for any of these things here you’ll get more than expected!  And don’t forget about the Nutella.  You’re … More So Sweet!


Last weekend I think I did just about every touristy thing there was to do in Sydney, Australia. One of those things was visit the Sydney Tower Eye. The height of Sydney Tower Eye from the bottom to the very tip of the spire is 309 metres. That is about 1,015 feet into the air! … More Vertigo


Hola, 10 days. Just TEN Days until our study abroad program is over! It is truly unbelievable, we have been out here for 110 days. One hundred and ten days of fun, stress, adventures, food, and much much more. With only ten days left we are left in nothing short of a scramble! What is … More Scramble!