Halloween weekend

London is very different than America, and one of the┬áreasons┬áhas to be the fact that British people do not celebrate Halloween the way Americans celebrate it. While yes, many people are festive and dress up, they all wear the same costumes. In America, I barely see any of the same costumes (except in college, where … More Halloween weekend

Phillip Island

I know you all have been waiting for my weekend recap, so let’s get to it! In case you didn’t know already, last weekend I traveled to Phillip Island for the weekend to celebrate the end of midterms. I went surfing and actually stood up on the board! I had pictures to show you but… … More Phillip Island

Arrivederci, Roma!

Ciao, It’s a sad day today in Rome. After 6 weeks of studying abroad in Rome the program has finally come to a close. While most of us were very sad and homesick at first, we easily found our niche here in the Ancient City and created a sort of home-away-from-home. We all made great … More Arrivederci, Roma!