Buda-ful Budapest!

Bellissimo: Beautiful Ciao! As my last month abroad approaches, I decided to take one last big trip to another country: HUNGARY! My friends and I hopped on a plane and made our way to the beautiful city of Budapest. I really did not have any expectations for this trip, because it was made kind of … More Buda-ful Budapest!


Venezia: Venice Ciao! During my time in the study abroad program, I have heard time and time again from my peers that Venice is overrated. They all went to Venice toward the beginning of program during the Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice) and came back with bad reviews. They said it was too crowded and unpleasant. However, I decided … More Venezia!


While it cools down in the U.S., it is finally warming up here in Melbourne! For the first time in my 3 and a half months of living in Melbourne, there were zero clouds in the sky, a nice breeze compared to the usual strong winds, and a temperature of 73 degrees! Back home, people are wearing … More Sunshine