Hola, Segovia, home to many great things such as the great pig dish Cochinillo, the cathedral in which Queen Isabella was Crowned, and it is even said that Walt Disney got his inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle form the Alcázar of Segovia. This past Friday the Accent team of Madrid took us on an excursion to this ancient city … More Segovia

Labor Day?

Ciao, Today, May 1st, is the National Holiday Known as La Festa dei Lavoratori or Festa del Lavoro, Labor Day! Labor day is a day where Italians celebrate the worker and the unions for bringing rights to the workers; essentially its a celebration in honor of workers achievements in fighting for their rights! Unlike in the United … More Labor Day?

Arrivederci, Roma!

Ciao, It’s a sad day today in Rome. After 6 weeks of studying abroad in Rome the program has finally come to a close. While most of us were very sad and homesick at first, we easily found our niche here in the Ancient City and created a sort of home-away-from-home. We all made great … More Arrivederci, Roma!

This is Roma!

Buon Compleanno, Roma! – Happy Birthday, Rome! Today, April 21, Rome turns 2,769! Though today is Rome’s birthday, the celebrations won’t fully begin until tomorrow. The good news is that they last will all weekend long until Monday! Nevertheless, there is excitement in the air. Some of the locals say, “America does not have anything like … More This is Roma!

Sunday Funday

For most people, Sundays are for two things: church and being lazy. Or, if you’re a college student, they are for catching up on all the homework you’ve been procrastinating on all weekend. In Rome, Sunday mornings are mainly for church, as almost the entire country of Italy is Roman Catholic. One really interesting thing … More Sunday Funday