Villa Borghese

Parco: Park Ciao! It’s finally springtime in Rome! This means the weather is warmer, the sun is out and there are more outdoor places to venture to in the city. One of my favorite new finds is Villa Borghese! This park is super similar to Central Park in New York City, except a little smaller. … More Villa Borghese

Quarter System Goodbyes

Arrivederci, miei amici: Goodbye, my friends Ciao! This week was filled with the stress of studying for finals and sadness from saying goodbye to friends. My study abroad program is a unique one that combines University of California quarter-system schools and semester-system schools. The winter quarter officially ends this week, so my quarter-system friends are going back … More Quarter System Goodbyes

Cars and Chaos

Automobili: Cars Buongiorno! Rome is a very large city, approximately 1,285 km² (496.3 square miles). With a population of more than 2.5 MILLION people, it’s no wonder that the streets of this city are always bustling and chaotic. Roman traffic and parking rules are nonexistent. Don’t let the mini-sized cars fool you — these drivers are tenacious. … More Cars and Chaos

Quirinal Palace

Palazzo: Palace Ciao! One of the greatest perks of studying abroad is being able to visit the amazing buildings in Rome. This building, or should I say palace, was especially amazing because it is where the president of the Italian Republic resides! In fact, the past 12 presidents have lived in the beautiful Quirinal Palace, which … More Quirinal Palace