Spring Break!

Primavera: Spring Ciao! Finally, one week of relaxation and more travel! (As if going to school in Italy wasn’t exciting enough.) My friends and I booked our spring break in Barcelona and London! Barcelona has been one of my dream cities since middle school. I have always wanted to visit Spain and experience its culture. … More Spring Break!

Quarter System Goodbyes

Arrivederci, miei amici: Goodbye, my friends Ciao! This week was filled with the stress of studying for finals and sadness from saying goodbye to friends. My study abroad program is a unique one that combines University of California quarter-system schools and semester-system schools. The winter quarter officially ends this week, so my quarter-system friends are going back … More Quarter System Goodbyes


Piacere! Nice to meet you! My name is LinhChi, and I am a fourth year student at UC Merced majoring in Business Management and Economics with a minor in Psychology. I decided to spend my last semester exploring, experiencing and immersing myself in a new culture before I have to face the “real world” after college. … More Piacere!

Final Thoughts

Studying abroad in Australia was the greatest thing I could have to opportunity to do while in college. I’m so very thankful for the opportunity to study abroad and how helpful UC Merced was with making the process so easy to navigate. Looking back, I am very glad I did not let my fear of … More Final Thoughts

Cost of Living

Money – specifically, budgeting money, is a very important part of studying abroad. So important that it needs its own blog post. Especially if you decide to study abroad in one of the most expensive places to live in the world, Australia. My guess as to why everything is so expensive here in comparison to … More Cost of Living