While it cools down in the U.S., it is¬†finally¬†warming up here in Melbourne! For the first time in my 3 and a half months of living in Melbourne, there were zero clouds in the sky, a nice breeze compared to the usual strong winds, and a temperature of 73 degrees! Back home, people are wearing … More Sunshine

Go Dogs!

I experienced the Australian equivalent of the US Superbowl while in Melbourne. … More Go Dogs!

Phillip Island

I know you all have been waiting for my weekend recap, so let’s get to it! In case you didn’t know already, last weekend I traveled to Phillip Island for the weekend to celebrate the end of midterms. I went surfing and actually stood up on the board! I had pictures to show you but… … More Phillip Island


Last weekend I think I did just about every touristy thing there was to do in Sydney, Australia. One of those things was visit the Sydney Tower Eye. The height of Sydney Tower Eye from the bottom to the very tip of the spire is 309 metres. That is about 1,015 feet into the air! … More Vertigo


Want to know what’s wild? Kangaroos. A kangaroo in Australia is as common as a fox or bobcat is in the US. While Melbourne and Sydney don’t necessarily have kangaroos jumping around in the streets, Sydney does have a sanctuary o the outskirts of the city. Here I got up close and personal with the … More Wild!