Hola, 10 days. Just TEN Days until our study abroad program is over! It is truly unbelievable, we have been out here for 110 days. One hundred and ten days of fun, stress, adventures, food, and much much more. With only ten days left we are left in nothing short of a scramble! What is … More Scramble!

Virtual Reality

Hola, Today’s adventure was filled with dinosaurs, space, robots, wars, paint, alien robots, and much much more; and the coolest part about it is that I never left the room! How can this be possible? Three words – Virtual Reality! You might be saying that those are only two words, but you see the third … More Virtual Reality

Key to Success

Hola, If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you’ll know that it’s a foregone conclusion to say that I have gone on adventures and had amazing experiences; you would also know that I have been working hard in my internship and that I worked hard in school. What you don’t know is how … More Key to Success